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Dear Friend __

You are looking for HAPPINESS.

I know that, because absolutely everybody is.

In fact, every single thing you’ve ever done in life has been motivated by the need to increase your happiness.

Think about it.

Aristotle put it more succinctly: “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.”

But, HOW HAPPY ARE YOU, in your life, RIGHT NOW?

Are there still things you’d like to change… some seemingly enormous, others just slightly?

Do you feel as though you’re still SEEKING SOMETHING out there?

Perhaps you’re tired of shelling out for every self-help product on the market – only to find them all lacking what it really means to be HAPPY? Wait. Do NOT give up...

There's a SECRET MASTER SYSTEM out there - for unlocking TRUE HAPPINESS in your life.

It's used by over a third of teachers in The Secret. And I'd like to show you how it works.

Please, READ ON - and learn more.


“If you're seeking happiness, this is the course for you. Forget about wasting your time on therapy and self-help books. This course goes straight to the core - and unlocks your own inner happiness!”

- Michael Masterman, www.geniusmindset.com

Discover How YOU Can Enjoy Lasting 24/7 Happiness!
Enjoy Freedom, Eliminate Fear & Phobias, Be Happy,
Rocket Confidence, Drop Addictions - And Much More!

This is Bradley Thompson - and I'd like to welcome you to this website!

Over the past 20 years, I've helped pioneer some of the greatest breakthroughs in the self-development industry.

I created Subliminal Power, a personal improvement program now used on over 1 million people worldwide. I developed audio technologies such as Binaural Beats, which improve brainwave patterns. I even produced the world's largest and most respected hypnosis superstore, Instant-Hypnosis.com.

Now, every single product I've helped develop has one simple goal:

To help make you HAPPY!

That's right. They each use science to help increase your happiness.

But here's a thought.

What if, behind all of these techniques, there existed a SINGLE, SECRET, MASTER SYSTEM for enjoying true lasting happiness in your life?


I’m talking about an easy-to-use, all-natural LITTLE-KNOWN MASTER KEY for helping you eliminate all fear, build fantastic relationships, rocket your self-confidence, embrace freedom, drop addictions, and put your career on the fast-track to success...


Doesn't that sound like the kind of HAPPINESS SYSTEM that YOU'D be interested in?

Well - it DOES exist. In fact, it's behind every form of "therapy" and "self-help system" out there today.

And the name of this SECRET SYSTEM?



“I've read a lot about happiness. This course will show you how to achieve true happiness - without the need for expensive therapy or a dozen self-help programs. Very powerful - and highly recommended!”

- Nick Daws, www.mywritingblog.com

Discover the "MASTER SYSTEM" Behind Happiness!
Here's WHY All Therapies Make You Feel Happier -
& How to Release Your Negative Emotions, Instantly!

Are YOU ready to discover your own TRUE, LASTING, INNER HAPPINESS?

"Happiness Now" is the result of a lifetime of work in the self-development industry.

Over the past 20 years, I've observed that almost EVERY technique intended to make you happier - from counselling to hypnosis, from psychotherapy to meditation workshops - all ultimately perform the same function.


That is, they help you to "let go" of the difficult emotions we ALL hold on to in life: Addictions. Phobias. Emotional baggage. Anger. Fears. Lust. Greed. Apathy. Relationship issues.

As a result of releasing these emotions, we become happier. In fact, the more we "let go" - the happier we become. We really begin to uncover our own true happiness and inner freedom!

The trouble is, these therapies can take MONTHS or even YEARS TO WORK.

If they even work at all. And sometimes - yes, unfortunately - they can do more harm than good!

But WHAT IF there was a SECRET, PROVEN METHOD for gaining happiness - by "letting go" of all your troublesome emotions - INSTANTLY, DIRECTLY and PERMANENTLY?

What if you could learn to RELEASE all of your issues and problems, right at the source - just as easily as you'd flip a light switch?


"Happiness Now" teaches an uber-system of happiness. A secret, MASTER system that lies behind every single therapy and self-help system. A method of releasing emotions and becoming happier - INSTANTLY - by letting go.

Want to learn more?


“Excellent. This course removes the need for ANY therapy. Just discover it's secrets - and you'll automatically uncover true happiness. An amazing method, a true revelation: this technique exists behind almost every therapy currently in the world. Profoundly simple - and simply profound.”

- Sanjay Agrawal, www.selfdevelopmentblog.com

Uncover the Most Profound Happiness System EVER.
Enjoy Effortless Happiness, Literally ON-DEMAND -
With a Method Used By DOZENS from "The Secret"!

"Happiness Now" is a course unlike ANYTHING you've seen before.

It provides a simple, powerful, natural method of releasing the "bad emotions" that are holding you back – so that you can discover the ultimate happiness, NOW.

It's SIMPLICITY and PROFOUND RESULTS will absolutely blow you away!

It's so powerful, the system is used by over a THIRD of teachers from The Secret.

Happiness Now teaches a simple system of guided “releasing”, bringing about profound benefits in ALL areas of your life – leading you toward ultimate, lasting happiness.

It involves asking yourself a FEW SIMPLE QUESTIONS - and just watching your troublesome emotions drop away, right in front of your eyes.

It's simple, it's powerful - and it WORKS.

Inspired by a lifetime of research, the system combines the wisdom of many age-old self improvement texts - alongside modern teachings from individuals such as Guy Finley and Lester Levenson.

Using the Happiness Now technique, you’ll be able to enjoy:

A PERMANENT sense of happiness, freedom and inner peace – no matter what’s happening in your life, or how crazy the world seems to be!
Heightened self-esteem and SELF-CONFIDENCE – so that you’ll always feel good about yourself, confident, and 100% comfortable in your own skin!
Quick and easy relaxation, and TOTAL stress elimination – every single thing that used to cause you to worry will simply fade away - and FAST!

Total CONTROL of your emotions – no more emotional roller-coaster rides, simply the ability to EASILY control anger, anxiety, grief, depression, tension, fear & ANYTHING ELSE that may thwart your happiness!
Huge breakthroughs in your CAREER and finances – by changing how you emotionally act and react, even your bank balance changes!
FREEDOM from absolutely ANY fear or phobia – no matter what you feel is holding you back, this technique frees the ties that bind you!
Better RELATIONSHIPS with everyone – fall in love with your partner again, improve your friendships, and improve your relationship with yourself too!

Complete freedom from your PAST – you’ll no longer be affected by whatever happened in the past. Instead you’ll learn to truly embrace the present & future!
The power to break ANY addiction – from smoking to drugs, from alcohol to obsessive compulsive disorder, from life patterns to gambling!

And SO MANY other benefits – use the technique for weight loss, pain management, depression, your health, and much more!


Yes, this one simple technique can help in ALL areas of your life.

It’ll stop you from self-sabotaging. It’ll enable you to clear your emotions. It’ll help you enjoy the ultimate happiness - just by following it's simple 1-2-3 question/answer releasing process.

Can you imagine uncovering the POWER of something like this – in just DAYS from now?


“Without question, this is the most powerful course on happiness you'll find. You'll be amazed at how fantastic you feel - after you follow the simple, step-by-step question/answer system in this course. I'm amazed. I never realized happiness could be this easy. Excellent course, highly recommended!”

- Tim Parker, www.tpci.com

Here's What's STOPPING YOU from Being Happy!
Discover EXACTLY How to Release "Bad Emotions"
- And the SECRET 1-2-3 Technique for Happiness!

"Bad emotions" are the ONLY THING holding you back from HAPPINESS right now.

And most people find it almost IMPOSSIBLE to master these "bad" emotions and feelings.

They find themselves drowning in guilt, shame, sadness, and self-pity – when they’d rather feel light, breezy, smiley and happy.

They find past experiences, fears and phobias holding them back – when they’d prefer to break through, enjoying more freedom and choice.

Does that sound like you?

Would YOU like to MASTER your emotions - and uncover the ULTIMATE KEY to lasting happiness?

Would YOU like to discover a simple "releasing" system that beats absolutely everything else HANDS DOWN – and enables you to enjoy countless benefits – starting the MOMENT you finish the course?

With "Happiness Now", you’ll no longer be a slave to your feelings, your emotions, your problems. Neither will you ever repress or push down any issue.

Instead, you’ll discover an effortless technique for simply “letting go” of your emotions – as easily as you’d flick a light switch, or let go of a ball.

Just ASK YOURSELF the simple release questions - and enjoy INSTANT RESULTS.

There’s no waiting. No meditating. No listening to CDs time and time again. Nothing like that.

"With the Happiness Now Technique,
The Results Are Quick & Powerful...!"

With this system, you can change your whole life in a matter of MINUTES!

Powerful breakthroughs come at a moments notice. The kind of miraculous, instantaneous change you used to believe only thought happened to other people.

You’ll experience total freedom. The releasing of all your fears and phobias. Life-long problems simply dropping away. Baggage from your past disappearing. Relationships improving as you perform the technique.

In fact, you’ll feel so uplifted after using this technique, you’ll want to continue over and over again – just to enjoy the ALL-NATURAL LIFE HIGH!

Using the "Happiness Now" technique is almost like going for therapy. Except you don’t have to wait months, or even years, to see the results. And you don’t get a massive bill at the end of it all.

Best of all, when you use this technique, there’s never any need for you to dwell on the past – or re-analyze your “story.” The results are INSTANT – and LASTING. They also accumulate with time.

"Happiness Now" can complement any current self-help system you may be using, and it won’t interfere with your religious beliefs. It also works perfectly well for both men and women.

So let me ask...

Isn’t it about time YOU discovered how to enjoy HAPPINESS NOW?


“Everyone wants a blissfully happy life, but not everyone realizes the choices they have to achieve it. Well, now you can! This course will guide you effortlessly towards deep-rooted happiness so that you can experience true joy - not just some of the time, but all of the time!”

- Carol Anne Strange, www.carolannestrange.co.uk

Discover the SECRETS Behind "Happiness Now!"
Listen to These Six Special Audio Recordings - And
Uncover How to Boost YOUR Life, In Just Hours!

Now, for the first time ever, you can discover Happiness Now – IN YOUR OWN HOME!

Previously, you’d have to travel to a chaotic workshop in the bustling capital of England – or jet across the globe to the spiritual heartland of Arizona – to learn the secrets of this powerful method.

But now, you can own the "Happiness Now" technique on audio MP3 – and have it today via instant download, for just a few dollars!

The "Happiness Now" course ships as SIX SPECIAL AUDIO RECORDINGS, each lasting around 45 minutes in length.

Each of the recordings demonstrate the "Happiness Now" technique more and more, guiding you toward realizing your own ultimate happiness – and helping you “release” your troubles using it's unique question/answer process.

The SIX RECORDINGS are delivered via instant download in MP3 format, meaning you can play them on ANY computer, on any iPod or MP3 player.

Not only that, the "Happiness Now" course also ships with its own special workbook...

Almost 90 pages crammed with guidance on using the "Happiness Now" technique – covering the soul-touching philosophies of happiness, how to shift beyond materialism, affirmations to help you “deprogram” your mind, real life stories to inspire you, and much more!

Yes – this is the ULTIMATE COURSE on TRUE HAPPINESS and emotional freedom.

It can, and will, change your life – in as little as FIVE HOURS. And I GUARANTEE IT.

Are YOU ready to discover HAPPINESS NOW?

Click HERE to Enjoy Happiness Now!

Delivered via instant digital download in MP3 and PDF format.

“As the author of 'The 18 Rules of Happiness', I know what makes people smile. And this course shows you how! It contains profound techniques for releasing negative emotions, and embracing the positive. Just by listening to this course, you'll become naturally happier - within MINUTES!”

- Karl Moore, www.karlmoore.com

Grab YOUR Copy of "Happiness Now" - TODAY!
There's NEVER BEEN a Better Time to Try It Out.
PLUS: Free Music and Free Interviews

Interesting in owning your copy of "Happiness Now"?

Are you ready to throw away all of your limiting and negative thoughts, cast aside fears and phobias, and discover true emotional freedom?

Are you waiting to enjoy lasting peace and happiness – with a spirit filled with love, self-worth, and confidence?

Are you prepared to cast aside the addictions and baggage that have held you back – and take that step toward TRUE LASTING FREEDOM in your life?

"Happiness Now" will make that happen for YOU.

And during our special promotion, you can purchase your copy of the entire course for the special price of JUST $247.


NOW JUST $127!!

FINAL OFFER: Buy your copy TODAY for JUST $97! PERIOD!

This is the cheapest we’ve EVER offered the course. You literally couldn’t grab your copy at a better time.

Plus, HERE’S something to make you even HAPPIER!

Decide to try out the "Happiness Now" course before midnight, -- and we’ll automatically send you a whole bundle of extra goodies, just to say thanks!

Get started with Happiness Now TODAY – and we’ll also give you:

TWO INTERVIEWS with the Inspiration Behind "HAPPINESS NOW" – Listen to magical interviews with the two people whose philosophies most closely reflect the ideology of "Happiness Now." Listen and learn from their wisdom, with over two hours of recorded audio!
SEVEN Magical BONUS TRACKS from Artist X – Make this music the soundtrack to your happy life! These spiritually-connected, feel-good songs will help guide you through the "Happiness Now" principles – all from Artist X, alongside a special audio introduction from self-development author, Karl Moore.

That’s all if you decide to order your copy, TODAY.

Are YOU ready to get started?

Click HERE to Enjoy Happiness Now!

Delivered via instant digital download in MP3 and PDF format.

“There's no doubt about it: This course will change your life. It'll show you how to embrace true happiness on a very deep level. You'll become truly unshakable - and learn to handle all emotions, simply and easily. Highly recommended!”

- Hale Carlton, www.meditationprogram.com

Uncover the POWER Behind "Happiness Now" TODAY!
Grab Your 6-Part Audio Course, 90-Page Workbook,
FREE Interviews, Music, And Much More!

We spend our entire lives searching for happiness.

And very few of us actually find it.

On this site, you’ve stumbled across the true key to eternal bliss. A simple, natural “releasing” technique - used the world over – that enables you to let go of unwanted emotions, and enjoy real, lasting happiness.

Do YOU feel like you’re a seeker?

As though your journey is still incomplete? As though there’s some secret you still need to find?

This course is your Missing Link. It's the connection between you and true happiness.

With Happiness Now, you’ll enjoy true lasting freedom, heightened self-esteem, stress elimination, emotional control, greater relationships, freedom from fear and addictions, the end to all of your “baggage” –

- And most importantly of all, LASTING HAPPINESS.

This course will amaze you.

Now, let’s briefly recap EXACTLY what YOU will receive when you order this course:

The ENTIRE "Happiness Now" Audio Course – Simply sit back and listen to the 6 x 45-minute CD recordings, as you uncover the secrets of this powerful technique. Relax as you’re guided through the process of releasing – and you begin to discover your own true happiness! Recordings ship on CD in MP3 format.
The 90-Page Happiness Now Workbook – This is the ultimate companion to the Happiness Now course, covering the philosophies of "Happiness Now," how to crush the happiness saboteur inside, hundreds of “deprogramming” affirmations, over sixty bonus “releasing” methods, real-life stories and much more!
Delivered via instant digital download in MP3 and PDF format.
TWO Interviews with the Inspiration Behind "Happiness Now" – Over two hours of truly inspirational audio from the people whose teachings lie at the core of "Happiness Now."
SEVEN Inspiring Tracks from Artist X – A selection of brilliant, spiritual, uplifting music to help move you through your "Happiness Now" work, with a special audio introduction from Karl Moore.

There has literally NEVER been a better time to discover Happiness Now.


Click on this button to order YOUR copy of the course, NOW!

Click HERE to Enjoy Happiness Now!

Delivered via instant digital download in MP3 and PDF format.

“I highly recommend this happiness course! If you'd like to discover your own inner happiness, on the most profound level - this course will show you how. Just follow the simple releasing techniques, and see the difference it makes. I'm amazed. Buy it!!”

- Rebecca Marina, www.celebrationhealing.com

Try Out the ENTIRE COURSE - For SIX Whole Months!
You'll Be Absolutely THRILLED With the Results -
If You've Not, I'll Refund Every Penny You Paid!

I don't want you to risk a SINGLE PENNY on Happiness Now!

I absolutely guarantee you'll be THRILLED with the results. In fact, in a couple of months, I know you'll be sending me a testimonial for the course. That's how confident I am.

But I don't want you to feel you're risking a CENT by trying it out.

That’s why I’d like to give you a whole SIX MONTHS to try out the course!


Try Out The Entire Course for

I don’t want you to risk a penny.

So try out the entire course for six whole months. If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with the results, just return it after that period (and within a year) and we’ll refund your money (minus S&H).

No questions asked. No telephone calls. No forms to fill out.

And it’s backed by our publisher, the large Self Development Network, too –
so you can be sure we’ll stick to our word.


You can’t get any fairer than that.

A true six-month risk-free guarantee.

Interested? Then click on the button below to try out YOUR copy of the course:

Click HERE to Enjoy Happiness Now!

Delivered via instant digital download in MP3 and PDF format.

“I thank the day I tried out this course. It's made a massive difference in my life. I've become more confident, let go of fears, and released on my past. I never knew happiness could be THIS EASY. Thank you - I'm already recommending this course to my friends. Four simple words: GET THIS COURSE NOW!”

- Jennifer Lansbury, www.dream-meanings-kit.com


Happiness is your most natural state.

To discover your own eternal happiness is to discover the ultimate freedom.

One famous Greek proverb states:

"Some seek happiness. Others create it."

With the "Happiness Now" technique, you hold the key to finally uncovering how to create your own permanent state of happiness.

By following the simple teachings inside this powerful course, you’ll learn EXACTLY how to enjoy greater self-confidence, better relationships, true relaxation, improved finances, total stress elimination – and much more.

You’ll discover happiness, freedom – and so much more – in a matter of hours.

And that’s all absolutely GUARANTEED.


Discover lasting happiness - with the Happiness Now course.

Click on this link to grab YOUR copy – alongside all of the fantastic bonuses – TODAY!

Click HERE to Enjoy Happiness Now!

Delivered via instant digital download in MP3 and PDF format.

Thank you for your time. I appreciate you reading my letter!

With love,

Bradley Thompson

Bradley Thompson, Self-Development Author
Author, “Happiness Now” – Happiness.fm
Visit my official website: www.selfhelpstreet.com


PS. This course is NOT available anywhere else! You won’t find it in stores, on other websites, or listed on eBay. It’s ONLY available at Happiness.fm. So, if you’re looking to discover the true key to happiness, take action NOW. There’s a reason you’re reading this. Take that last step – and click HERE to discover Happiness Now!

PPS. Remember, you get to try it for SIX MONTHS, RISK-FREE! Honestly, take my advice. Give it a go. Even if you already intend to return it after six months to claim on your guarantee. At least try it out and see what happens! You have nothing to lose. Click HERE to get started with Happiness Now!

PPPS. You’re just one click away from happiness. You’ve literally never been closer. The Happiness Now system is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s processes of “letting go” and “releasing” will help you discover true happiness in your life – once and for all. Don’t miss the chance. Click HERE to grab your copy of Happiness Now, TODAY!

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